About us

BURCOL is a company created in 1990 by Francisco Cobo Burgos, the result of  his thirty years  of  experience in the field of legumes.


Our company was born in Loracnca de Tajuña, a village near Guadalajara (Spain. Currently our main warehouse and office is in Cabanillas del Campo (Guadalajara).


Our roots are local, however our horizon and perspective is national and international. We are always opening new doors.


BURCOL’s business is focus on selecting, cleaning, preparing, packaging and distributing all kind of legumes and rice. Our team is highly professional, working in modern and technological environments. We provide quality in all our products.


We join tradition and modern techniques to create products with high quality, natural, healthy and at a good price. We treat our clients in a friendly way, so we grow together.


Thank you for your interest and enjoy the taste of our legumes.

C/ Francisco Medina y Mendoza, Parcela 22A
Pol. Ind. Cabanillas
Telephone: (+34) 949 208 119 - Fax: (+34) 949 208 174

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